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  According to research, a considerable number of individuals find it challenging to strike a balance between work and personal life, resulting in very little time for relaxation.  Extended working hours, heightened job requirements, and the blending of work and personal life boundaries all add to this challenge. Work and family responsibilities are leaving around 60% of Europeans feeling deprived of leisure time, according to a survey conducted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights; and studies consistently showed that a certain percentage of American employees frequently didn’t take advantage of their paid time off. This was mainly due to concerns about their workload, the fear of falling behind at work, and the difficulty of disconnecting from work responsibilities. Worldwide, wellbeing data can differ greatly depending on the country.   collage of four scenes. young man in blue suit working on laptop. group of five seated around a dining table, sharing a meal and laughing. three individuals in a warmly lit room, engaged in a conversation. The central image has a play button superimposed on it suggesting the life story.   It seems like finding enough time for relief is a challenge for many. It’s a constant juggling act – work, kids, family, work, and money worries constantly on our minds. But amidst all the chaos, taking care of ourselves and finding ways to decompress is essential. So, how can we unwind, and why is it so important?

What is mental health?

When we talk about mental health, we’re referring to a person’s mental, emotional, and social well-being. It encompasses everything from our thoughts and feelings to our actions. Having good mental health means being able to deal with life’s pressures, being productive in our jobs and having fulfilling relationships. To me, mental health is about setting aside some time for oneself, engaging in interests which make you happy, unwinding, and simply savouring life.   A woman in a white dress sitting in a park on a blanket surrounded by a tray and basket of bread, cheese and wine, savouring the moment with her eyes closed  

Mental health and wellbeing

While mental health primarily deals with the absence of mental illnesses and having positive mental qualities, mental wellbeing takes it a step further and highlights the overall state of thriving and satisfaction in life, going beyond the basic requirements of mental health.

How to manage mental wellbeing?

Research studies commonly reveal that individuals allocate a substantial part of their spare time to occupations such as watching television, scrolling through the internet, partaking in hobbies, socialising, and bonding with loved ones. But what brings you joy in life? Do you have a passion for reading, singing, writing, or uncovering hidden gems? Doing things aiming to really have fun can ignite your passion and enthusiasm can lead to a greater sense of purpose, fulfilment, and happiness. There’s something magical about diving into things that particularly drive our passion. We enter a state of flow where time becomes irrelevant, and we’re completely immersed in the here and now. Engaging in these pleasures gives us a chance to express ourselves, unleash our creativity, and embark on exciting adventures. They enable us to delve into our innermost musings, emotions, and dreams, unlocking a world of possibilities.   woman gardening     Unleash your creativity and find joy in various forms of self-expression. Whether it’s playing an instrument; painting or gardening; immersing ourselves in the captivating world of a book; finding our voice and letting our emotions flow through singing; exploring the world of cooking or baking; sports like walking, running, yoga, hiking, fishing, or dancing; photography; learning a new skill; hang out in company of your loved ones and creating lasting memories by spending quality time together, whether by having a delicious meal, taking a leisurely stroll, or simply enjoying each other’s company; writing in a diary; indulging in a soothing bath; getting a good night’s sleep; treating yourself to a massage or spa day, helping you recharge and rejuvenate; our passions create a refuge from the demands of our daily routine and serve as a well of inspiration and renewal for our mind, body, and soul.   A serene and tranquil spa scene featuring a large, luxurious pool of water within designed tiles. There are lush, tropical plants surrounding the area and a beautiful mural of a waterfall on one of the walls. Soft, ambient lighting illuminates the space, creating a soothing atmosphere. Various spa amenities, such as plush towels, candles, and relaxation chairs, are scattered throughout the room.   By participating in these activities, you can explore your creative side and find a sense of calm and relaxation. Taking the time to nurture and develop our passions is vital for maintaining good mental health, and leading a satisfying and purposeful life.

Embracing the Potential of Positive Thinking

Have you ever tried practising positive thinking? It’s a game-changer when it comes to improving your mental wellbeing. It’s amazing how practising positive thinking can really boost your mental wellbeing and help you embrace a more positive perspective on life. It’s like having a superpower of a nature that can make a huge difference in your overall happiness and vision on life. By cultivating a more optimistic outlook on life, you’ll be amazed at how much happier and fulfilled you can feel. Try using positive affirmations to cultivate a more positive self-image and attitude. Repeat statements like ‘I am capable’, ‘I am deserving of love and happiness’, or ‘I see the good in every situation’, to counter any negative self-talk. Fill your circle among individuals who bring out the best in you and motivate you and find environments of the kind that cultivate positivity and optimism. Surrounding yourself with positivity can really strengthen your optimistic stance. When you encounter challenges or setbacks, shift your focus to finding solutions instead of getting stuck on the problems. Approach obstacles using a problem-solving mindset and be open to opportunities for growth and learning. Let’s not overlook the importance of celebrating small victories. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, even if they may seem insignificant. Recognise the strengths you possess and the progress you’ve made, and don’t forget to give yourself credit for all the effort and achievements you’ve made along the way. Don’t let negative news, social media, or any other sources of negativity get to you. Instead, make a conscious effort to seek out inspiration, motivation, and positivity to keep your thoughts and your feelings optimistic. Remember to show you some kindness and practice self-compassion. Treat yours employing the same care and empathy you would give to a friend dealing with difficulties. Keep in mind that your worth goes beyond your achievements. By incorporating these suggestions to your everyday routine, you can enhance your mental well-being and develop the strength to handle whatever life throws your way. Go after your goals, do things that bring you happiness and fulfilment, and feel a connection to something larger than yourself. Just keep in mind that taking care of your mental health is an ongoing journey.   A serene, abstract digital painting depicting wellbeing.