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4 Hell Fiction Short Stories about Life


4 hell fiction short stories about life. This ebook contains 4 short stories which tell the chain of events of some characters in diverse contexts, with themes such as optimism, romance, resilience, and confidence.



4 Hell Fiction Short Stories About Life

The first story recites the setbacks of a young girl and how, thanks to her personality, she manages to survive. The second story unfolds the thoughts of two characters who are going to meet for a blind date. The third story is about a woman who describes her experience in a pole dancing class. The fourth story relates to the life of a teenager before he leaves home to go to college.

The fictions are written by the author Laetitia Rebeckah. The first short story by this author, Torrides Ébats, was published by a French publishing house in 2014. To learn more about her, click on the link: About At the Home of Laets


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