Storytelling - Tell Two Characters' Perspectives Who Blind Dating.

Tell two characters’ perspectives who blind dating.

‘Magical Evening’

Both had asked themselves why they had accepted to meet someone they had never seen before! Emma and Justin were going to meet each other for a blind date organised by a mutual acquaintance. ‘I’m sure you will like him! He is handsome, he has a good job…; ‘I’m sure you will like her, she’s a fantastic girl!’ I won’t tell you more, I wouldn’t ruin the enjoyment!’ These were the only items their mutual friend had given them!

Emma: The last time I dated a guy was ages ago; do I still know how to do it?

Justin: My last rendezvous, with one of my co-workers, was awful. She monopolized the discussion, even without have nothing interesting to say, she told me about the topics of conversation she had had at the office coffee machine with coworkers; on teammates; comments from participants of live television shows; the weekend with his family; the Sunday night movie; the weather outside; I had enjoyed the part ‘weather outside’; she sometimes showed curiosity: ‘you know what I mean? Haven’t I told you about it already?’ Interrogations, which in fact, brought her back to her; and when in my turn, I tried to dialogue, she just commented in this way: ‘hmm, or, interesting! ‘ I had a horrible soiree! I hope this is not this kind of superficial, narcissistic woman, that she calls ‘an amazing girl’, and that she seeks to introduce to me!” The meeting won’t last more than two hours, but I am nervous.

Emma: It’s only a meeting anyway, it’s not like I am going to get married tomorrow, but still, it could be the start of something; I’m already drawing plans!

Justin: But beside, I’m feeling adventurous; this concealed introduction, it’s exciting! She could be the future woman of my life, if we have in common; if we find each other good chemistry.

Emma: We’re going to get together at a restaurant. I prefer it’s in a public place instead a closed place; a tete-a-tete in an apartment, for example; and that we can get to know each other in private, in lieu of in the middle of a bunch of people with whom I would have been so uncomfortable as to be afraid to express myself! All the conditions are there for me to be relaxed, and, confident to communicate!

Justin: There are thousands of online dating sites. I’ve never used a single one! Half of Americans use them and say it is the best way to meet someone! In my opinion, it is not genuine! For example, we might like the way a person expresses himself in writing, only to realize in face to face that it’s totally different; so we would have wasted our time; especially if we had had the good idea to delay the first one-on-one; we would have become attached to a virtual person. These sites would use surveys to collect information about the user, and then search for matching enjoyers by utilizing various algorithms; then they could chat with each other. The sites can surely be interesting for a man who would like to meet lots of girls; the services are chargeable; rare are the ones who built strong relationships from there! At the time, I would have loved to participate in ‘Love Connection’, the American dating game television show: a candidate chose one in three candidates from video profiles; an audience voted for the one he preferred for the candidate, and then the candidate revealed who him, he had chosen and with whom he was went out.

Emma: When I was younger, my parents signed me up for a reality TV show on MTV! Parents picked two companions for their child; they asked them questions, then selected their two favourites! After each encounter, their child had to decide if they wanted to stay with their current boyfriend, or if they wished to start a new relationship with one of the partners designated by their parents. I think my parents were crazy! Or they disapproved my lover so much that they got associated with this production! Later, I was suggested to enroll in ‘the Bachelor’: 25 women live together in a house and compete for one male, named ‘the Bachelor’! I could never take part in a play like this! Share a man with 25 other women, without having any intimacy with him; or when you had, not to be the only one to have it! And more, what kind of profile can this guy have to agree to engage in such a spectacle: Megalomaniac? Caveman? Wood Wolf? Insensitive!? Not jealous !? I don’t believe this type of program can lead to anything serious, and even if I came out a winner, I would be afraid to stay alone with him: he would have flirted with 25 women, without scruples, before deciding that I was ‘the woman of his life!’

Justin: Will she think that I’m desperately desperate to be presented to her that way? By letting a bosom friend recommend me to someone with whom she is certain, I would form a good pairing!

Emma: Will he think I am looking for love? Embarrassing situation!

Justin: Just answer the truth! I am extremely busy, so I do not really have time to see and connect with young ladies. Wrong response! Women do not cherish active men, they require available men!

Emma: Show a cheerful attitude, have a detached demeanor; and enjoy a free meal! I will be able to know about his personality simply by analyzing the food he will order! I hope he will be outgoing; that he won’t be the stupid guy who makes super heavy jokes. If he’s that kind of guy, I kill her, because our personalities are supposed to match! Stop worrying, she said he was awesome, cute, etc. This situation is pretty nerve-wracking! I can’t help but wonder what could go wrong with him, to consent to be set him up!?

I chose the restaurant. He had the refinement to take me into account concerning the location. He seems to have good manners! But I would have wished him settled on the spot; I would have been delighted by, enthused; stimulated! What could it be hiding: was he soppy; characterless; timorous? Now that I’ve been brave enough to try a blind date, I must consider all the possible scenarios!

Justin: She chose our meeting point. I’m going to go there in advance to familiarize myself with the surroundings and to know the places! Perhaps I should innovate, and drop the usual conversations; I could try jokes, or compliment her! Do not examine with personal questions, and above all, do not converse about ex-girlfriends!

Emma: Does he imagines that this meeting have been arranged for the purpose of developing a sexual relationship? In any case, it would be much less humiliating! What he looks like in physical? Will I please him, will he find me pretty? Keep the 3 rules in mind: no sex before the 3rd date! This rule is particularly valid for women, those that did not meet this standard would automatically be regarded as promiscuous, and the men not following it, would be labelled womanizers! Women’s magazines encourage women to follow these rules! My sole motto is: never the first night! After, it depends! If I esteem him, and intent a serious liaison, I will delay the passage go to bed for a long time! Magazines say this rule should be applied because sleeping on the first night with a man might give him what he wanted, and also because two dates would be too short to make a man addicted to the point of being interested in a real relationship!

Waiting for the third date would supposedly give to a woman a greater chance of holding the attention of a man, whereas offering herself to him too soon would make him think she is easy! I hold if the two are consenting, why couldn’t they have sex the first night? A man should not consider a woman less, because they slept together from the first day! I am convinced that it is the woman who concludes; it is she who has the power! If she fornicated on the first day, it was probably because she hankered after! I rather view these women as intimidating to men. So, my own feeling on the subject is that it does not make sense.

In addition, men do not know what they desiderate: ‘the 3 Dates Rule’ assist the faith in the theory that a woman is continually aiming for a husband, while men are invariably looking for release from commitment, and that customarily, men will go for independent women, or at least who would have shown themselves as such, as they would have skillfully maneuvered to achieve their ends!

Justin: What are his goals: to have fun, to meet love, to forget a former partner!?

Emma: When I was younger, sex meant nothing to me; I wasn’t chasing pleasure! Now, if I had sexual intercourse, it would be completely different, it would be because I really aspired to caress, feel, squeeze, my companion’s skin; and I would not expect the relationship to end, not necessarily marriage, but a long road! Some people do not associate sexual intimacy with romance. They make love because they like it, personally.

Justin: I like shy girls, I find them adorable! They are mysterious; intriguing… Extroverted girls are too domineering, nevertheless, communication is easier with them because they say straight when they have been affected! Girls who are confident are sexy but very hard to seduce. I fall for funny girls!

Emma: You can feel connected without having sex; loving embraces are a great way to bond. I love kissing, it is so romantic, passionate!

Justin: If she turns away from me, rolls her eyes or yawns, that’s a very bad sign.

Emma: If he’s scrolling through social media, texting or worse, making calls while he’s with me, that’s a really bad sign!

Justin: Good evening!

Emma: Good evening!

They smiled at each other, then entered the restaurant where they were shown their table.

Looks pleased.

Justin: Beautiful place! Great choice!

Expressing friendliness.

Emma: Thank you! It is cosy and intimate.

Justin: Do you drink?

Emma: If I want an aperitif you are meaning? Otherwise, no, I rarely drink.

Justin: Yes, that’s what I meant.

He bursted out laughing.

Justin: Where do you work?

Emma: Not thereabouts!

Justin: Do you make your bed each morning?

Emma gave Justin a grin, which he returned .

Justin: What are your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink?

Emma: Champagne and Lemon Fanta. And yours?

Justin: Hum! Whiskey, and Coca! Do you prefer calls or texts?

Emma: Texts!

Justin: Why?

Emma: Because of their romantic side! Are you more an indoor or outdoor person?

Justin: Outdoor!

Emma: Why?

Justin: Because I’m a very active person, I need to be in the open air. And you?

Emma: It depends! I like town, going out, but I also derive pleasure from the comfort of my apartment! What household chore for you is just the worst?

Justin: Wash the dishes.

She smirked.

Emma: Hmm, that is interesting!

Justin: What about you?

Emma: None in particular.

Justin giggled.

Justin: Do you have any guilty pleasure?!

Emma: Work!

Justin: Ah!

Emma: Concerning you?

Justin: The same I presume!

They looked each other in the eyes.

Justin: Do you have any hobbies?

Emma: I love reading! And I write! I like museums or activity in this style. I have lots of interests.

Justin: Cool!

Emma: What about you!?

Justin: Similar! I love organizing outings, going out, and discovering new areas.

Expressing friendliness.

Emma: Neat! If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Justin smiled.

Justin: Pizza! What is the best pizza toppings combination according to you?

Emma: Chicken, ground beef, pineapple, mushrooms, grilled onions.

Justin: Wow! Impressing! What is your favourite food?

Emma: A good steak. Tender and tasty French or English meat!

Justin: You make my mouth water!

Emma: Do you prefer sweet or savory?

Justin: Savory! And you!?

Emma: Not sure! I am a gourmet; I am crazy about dessert.

Justin smiled

Justin: Do you like to travel?

Emma: Yes! I especially like to book all-inclusive hotels: unlimited cocktails and food, swimming pools, and everything in between!

Justin tittered!

Justin: I see! Do you have any trips or plans coming up?

Emma: No! And you?

Justin: I like it too! I travel a lot for my job!

Emma: What a luck! Where was your last trip?

Justin: In China! But generally, I do not have time to visit! Are you the type of person who likes planning things, or going with the flow?

Emma: Planify things.

Justin laughed.

Emma: Are you a morning or evening person?

Justin: Evening. When is your birthday?

Emma: In September. What is the one thing you want to do but has not yet done?

Justin: Driving an airplane, or a helicopter!

Emma: Awesome! What is your favourite Disney film?

Justin laughed.

Justin: Aladdin! Do you like Disney movies?

Emma: Yeah! What is the most essential part of a friendship?

Justin: Authenticity!

Emma: Agree! I would add loyalty. What are the five words that you use the least?

Justin: Wow! Fuck, lit, shook, guccy, and hangry! Laughs. And you, what are the five words you use the most?

Emma: Hum! Damn it, fucking, gosh, OK, and super!


Justin: You enjoyed the meal? I have not seen the time go by. We should go!

Emma: It was ideal!

Justin: Would you like another drink before we leave?

Emma: No, thank you. Enough drink!

Justin: Delighted, I really had a good time!

Emma: Me too!

She held out her hand. Handshaking her hand.

Justin: Stay in touch!

Emma: With pleasure!

Justin: She is indeed fantastic! I could easily fall in love with her. I hope she thinks well of me!

Emma: What a beautiful man, what elegance! Polite and so charming! I keep my fingers crossed he has a soft spot for me!

Justin: Everything was so simple, natural; none of those awkward silences, although they only last a few seconds, where you are sitting across from each other and not sure what to say.

Emma: As he knew how to put me at ease from the start. He was so agreeable!

Emma and Justin: I can not believe it. What a magical evening!

Emma wrote a text to Justin.

Emma: ‘It was nice. I really had a good time.’

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