Short Story - Write Down On Someone Owning A Superpower!

Write down on someone owning a superpower!


Rebeckah had a superpower: ‘happiness’! I do not know how she got it. Was it a gift?

The young woman was 35 years old. She lived in London, but was from Paris. The young lady studied modern literature with the aim to become a writer. She had always loved to read and write. One of her stories had already been published and she had several pending. She wrote all genres: romantic, action, detective, erotic… Rebeckah had an unlimited imagination.  In fact, her stories were drawn from the real world. These were situations that everyone could have experienced or adventures that we would like to happen. Her characters were fresh, alive, that made you happy and invited you to be.

Even though she had an ambition of growing as a celebrated writer, and that her books were on the shelves in houses, like Victor Hugo or Maupassant ones, Rebeckah since her adolescence had another aspiration, that of exerting as a lawyer, so she was also studying Law at the university.

Rebeckah grew up with her mother and siblings. Her mother was not truly present, she was quite cold and selfish, she never really paid attention to her, notwithstanding, Rebeckah managed to get her mother’s consideration and talked a lot with her, she narrated to her about her life, whether her mother was pleased with it, or not. She asked her constantly: ‘are you listening to me ?’, and her mother answered, ‘yeah, but sometimes you are fatiguing.’ Her mother was kind. She had been a mother, but not a real one. Nonetheless, Rebeckah had always had what she desired, she always had only to ask. Her father was also a very selfish man. Her parents divorced when she was still very young. She remembered a day when she was at her father’s house and a woman arrived… He spent all his time cheating on Rebeckah’s mother.

After a long time without seeing her, he came into contact with her again at the age of 16. He had contacted her one day, just telling her that he wanted to see her. She understood, but long later that he had utilized her. He had resumed contact with her for a very specific purpose, to obtain important papers, which she had then given him at the time naively. He hadn’t called so many years because he missed his daughter.

Rebeckah had the physique of a Barbie doll. She was magnificent!  She had wonderful brown eyes, a small and cute nose, a really well-designed mouth, and a smile that could make you fall. She was slim, she had slender hands, a long neck, a small bust and big legs! Mademoiselle loved learning, culture, visiting museums…; she liked art, what she enjoyed was analysing paintings to guess what the author had been trying to convey; she loved eating, going to restaurants to discover new flavours, and above all, she was fond of cooking. She was fond of ‘life’!

She was nice, generous, and always in a good mood! She looked at life on the bright side. She made her way through life with her own values, principles, and ethical and moral ideals! She was disposed to honesty and loyalty. She did not esteem fake, nasty people, and lunacy. She was very intelligent and had a fierce personality.

Rebeckah was joyful every day, but do not think that was because her life was uneventful.

Her troubles were largely linked to her beauty. People envied her. Before, Rebeckah had friends. What separated her from them was for the most part boys. They were always more attracted to Rebeckah, her friends were mean to and jealous of her. She never had friendships with boys: she could not discuss or be with a young man without him trying to obtain more, they had always behaved with Rebeckah differently than other girls, they endlessly wanted to go to bed with her.

In everyday life, people did not give her any substantive importance. They judged her by her allure: they thought that they were dealing with a stupid person, and when she was not believed idiot, she was regarded as a pretentious person. For example, Rebeckah encountered difficulties with her lecturers at the university, because she was not only beautiful but also smart. They did not like her, she frustrated them, and although she did, they persisted to treat her like a brainless doll, without any talent or temperament, but she remained assertive and confident. At work, in the same scenario, her employers sexually harassed her; they were not interested in her skills, if they recruited her, it was for the sole purpose of being able to sleep with her, and regarding her colleagues, she was just the beautiful one.

Earlier, Rebeckah was in a couple for 3 years. The couple had been split up because of the entourage, but in her eyes, the sole responsible for this break up was her boyfriend himself: he was weak, easily influenced, and unable to make decisions on his own; the total inverse of her, who was independent and who nothing and nobody could influence. She did not let anyone run her life for her!

Two persons were particularly at the origin of this unfortunate affair: one of her partner’s buddies who steadily harassed her, he wanted to have sex with her, and her companion turned a blind eye to his mate’s behaviour; she was convinced that her boyfriend had always known his friend’s feelings towards her. Further, her boyfriend’s buddy was jealous of him, he had just continually craved to acquire everything his boyfriend had, including Rebeckah.

One evening when it was her birthday, she wanted to go to a nightclub. She called her boyfriend to ask him to come. She spoke with another of her boyfriend’s friends, who told her that her boyfriend was not available. Despite that, she went to the nightclub with her boyfriend’s buddies and her friends. That night she was completely drunk; the fellow took advantage of the situation, he kissed her.

The day after, he phoned her, he demanded to spend a whole night with her, she said no, that she did not want to, and that what had happened the evening before was an incident. He blackmailed her, retorting that if she refused, he would relate to his girlfriend, who was a former Rebeckah’s girlfriend, what had arrived. She reacted by saying that she did not mind and did not cede to his attempted intimidation.

Later, after this event, while they were all together in a hotel, this buddy asked Rebeckah’s boyfriend to come out of the room. When they came back, a few minutes later, Rebeckah could see the pain on the face of her lover. She had not understood immediately what arose at that time: this imbecile had reported the scene! Rebeckah could guess the conversation: ‘Well, your wife and I kissed, I’m sorry I didn’t know how to tell you; I tried to warn you, I alerted you, she’s a slut!’

Her boyfriend hadn’t even taken the time to ask her side of the story. They had spent the whole evening, hand in hand as if nothing had happened. Looking back, she remembered that after making love he had turned his back on her, and when she left him in the morning, he had become angry, without her knowing why.

She and her boyfriend had met through a common acquaintance, she was the second person responsible for their separation. She and her boyfriend often had secret conversations about Rebeckah. He had confessed to her that he was in love with Rebeckah, but the latter had never told her friend, the only things she had always detailed to her were her boyfriend’s infidelities. She had seen Rebeckah cry and bang her head against the walls on countless occasions, but she had never told her anything about the feelings she knew her boyfriend had for her. Rebeckah believed so, but he never made it clear to her that he loved her. Another time, Rebeckah had not heard from her boyfriend for three months, and when she finally managed to reach him, he commented that their mutual friend had always had his number.

Rebeckah had strong supernatural skills. It was extremely easy for her to identify a person. She found herself esoteric powers thanks to her best friend who had taught her how to use tarot cards. By dint of, she was able to visualize that her boyfriend intended to move in with her. In addition, she also had a dream that revealed to her that her friend was culpable for the rupture of the two lovers, she had said something which made him run away.

Rebeckah went through diverse phases: sadness, anger, resentment, she was so angry with him because of his lack of self, his personality so different from hers. The separation had been so brutal, she had been devastated. However, she had never really believed it ever; she was sure these were temporary circumstances, and that her boyfriend would come back to her eventually.

Afterwards, she read psychology books. From there, she managed to analyze her ex-boyfriend’s behaviour: he had always looked for excuses and false reproaches to make to her; undoubtedly, it had only been pretexts for refusing to commit. And then she wondered if, despite an absolute and sincere love, her love story had really existed; that is to say that she speculated about whether her ex-boyfriend was not in fact a lover of love, a kind of artichoke heart; certainly, the result of his past experiences, she recalled the stories he depicted her about some girls he had adored.

So, what Rebeckah longed for was to be in solitary. She was doing what she loved in life, she was devoted to her law studies, which captivated her, and she was still full of dreams and plans. She was very cheerful, and she was nothing but satisfied, solo.

Her capacities to draw tarot cards and her occult powers had regularly helped her in her being, and it sounded like she was protected by the gods and angels, nonetheless, the happiness was not a gift she received from heaven, it was a superpower she had built!

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