Fiction - Depict A Teenager's Final Days Home Before Moving To College.

Depict a teenager’s final days home before moving to college.

‘The last moment of a teenager’s life’ teenage boys

Tyler was a 19-year-old boy. He lived in a small town, in spite of that there were plenty of shops, restaurants, and other places to relax. He was appreciated by his neighbourhood because he was always ready to help; he had respect and consideration for others. He loved to have fun, and he knew how to entertain others, he always had a joke. He was always in a good mood, and everyone who knew him loved him.

Tyler was well rounded, smart, and sharp-witted: his understanding was quick, he was intuitive, he felt things: when he was convinced about one thing or, on the contrary, had suspicions about another, he always followed his ideas to the end, and he was never wrong, he had like a sixth sense.

According to him, his parent’s house was not huge, but it was comfortable! It was a modern house, inspired by colonial history: rectangular; two stories; siding made with blue and grey vinyl faux stone and in brown faux brick; entrance in the form of a temple; palladian and semi-circular skylights; double window suspension; first floor included a great-room, home cinema, kitchen, living room, and three large bedrooms, each with a bathroom on the upper floor. Tyler dreamed of owning an immense villa, a sort of luxurious palace: waterfall, swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, billiards, bar, cellar, a colossal library, and a collection of cars; a haven where he would enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere; he also thought to have some solar panels, but he still was not sure that it was really good for the environment. One question he had always had in mind was how housekeepers could maintain abodes of these sizes.

His father was 56, soon to 57 years old. He worked for a large company, he constantly recounted his frustrations: “he would have preferred to do another job.” Tyler’s father could be questioned about anything, he had responses to all, or at least, he had opinions on everything, and always a life lesson to instil to his son. At the end of junior school, Tyler wanted to learn to drive, his father told him that he was too young, and so, that it was not worth it; without any consideration for the current trend who was, for young people, to pass their driving license at that time. He was the most compassionate being Tyler had ever known!

From the point of view of the adolescent, his mother was the head of the family, even if he was an only child! She was a young dental assistant in her 40s, and in past she had been a model. She was his role model, he was very close to her, and he admired her; she was a warm woman who had still been devoted to her son. They cooked, baked cakes, watched movies, and did many activities together; they chatted for hours, and often stayed until late at night reading poetry books. Eventually, it was she who had taught him to drive. Tyler had the idea that men were not leaders, because they were indecisive, lazy, weak and coward. But professionally, he believed that women were less competent than men.

The teenager enjoyed spending time with his mummy because you never got bored. She encouraged him to assert himself, to have a free mind, and his own judgments, because for her, there were no bad opinions, but only personal points of view. She taught him how to always see the bright side of the situations, and to do with something good with something bad that happened to us in life. She was his pillar, his guide. Yet, you could tell Tyler built up his self by itself. He intellectualized everything, even the most insignificant films on television, Tyler considered that each movie had a story, but that script writers were not making films just for the pleasure of making them and that there was always something to draw. He loved literature, philosophy, psychology and other sciences, which he would say, aided to understand the world, human condition, personalities and behaviors.

Tyler decided on his own principles: loyalty, fidelity, honesty. He liked solitude, but he also liked hanging out with his friends; they loved going out in the city, against, they hated crowded places, it just made them uncomfortable, impossible to move around without being rushed! “People should stay at home!” they laughed. “Do not complain too much, it could be worse in a big city!” they expressed. When he needed a piece of advice, he preferred the support of his buddies; it was easier talking to them, as they were mates, while, speaking with parents, it was different: friends were less critical; or worried, while sometimes, parents did not understand what their teenagers wanted to say, therefore, they did not react as wished; advice from friends, compared to those from fathers and mothers was more encouraging, and also more objective.

Older generations were unable to understand young people, where they had gone through the same experiences, they were intolerant; they should have understanding, not only for the reason that they experimented the same, but by virtue of the fact they were adults, mature, experienced, and aware. Adults lived as if they had no past, as if it has vanished, and as if it had been without missteps. Nonetheless, it was easily explainable: to become an adult automatically made you forget the past; you were like someone who came out of a coma, completely amnesic; virgin about life, like a new-born baby.

One of his teachers had also had a great influence on the young man. He had admired her for her rigour. She was different from the other professors, she wanted to transmit, and really desired students to be successful; when she made errors, she came back to, next lesson, saying: “what I told you before was wrong!”, and corrected them; another tutor who would have communicated rubbish would have said nothing; assuming they knew they did and if so, admit it! The young boy concluded that teachers were stubborn as they refused to recognize that they were only humans and that they clearly should rather change of profession, because, two options: either they were convinced to be erudite and as a result, to be ever right, and then, it was serious because they were dangerous, or they did not accept that pupils could point out their faults, even though they realized that indeed it was true, considering they were the schoolteachers and so that pupils had no rights to observe.

Now was the time of the realization, the finalization, the deadline; the last steps towards the fulfilment of his dream. Tyler was going to college! The college was not in his borough, but sixteen hours away. He was leaving the familial home, the place where he had spent all his childhood, its warm ambience where he had blossomed, a refuge inside which he had grown up, juvenile and carefree; his comrades, from which he had never detached himself; and a community possessing its lifestyle, where he was developed.

He was both ecstatic and sad. On one side, he was going to lose his ease and live just as an exiled, separated from all his relatives, to live the life of a man on the run who would have disappeared in order to move forward, the life of an emigrant having abandoned his native land in search of a better life, or the one of a soldier who would have deserted to escape the death penalty, but on the other, he felt serene, relaxed, cheerful, happy, delighted, satisfied, cheerful, excited! It was him who had chosen to go to this college, and who had undertaken all the paperwork after all!

He passed an exam to integrate it. It was one of the best establishments of the best-known in the world. He had studied so hard for so long. He remembered the exam’s day: the alarm clock failed in the morning, luckily his mother had woken him up in a panic. He was really tired because he had made the mistake of revising until late the day before. During the assessment he was sleepy, but he had to stay awake; he was not one of those teens who already drank coffee! As his pencil was not sharpened correctly, the lead broke during the examination, and lack of luck, he had forgotten his pencil case.

His establishment was private, a sort of boarding school. Girls were separated from boys. The school required youngsters to wear uniforms. He had his own room, a mini studio.

He had gathered all his things, his luggage was packed: bed linen, clothes, rags, sports clothes, underpants, towels… He was well equipped.

No more open tubes of toothpaste, closed by mom and dad; no more detergent balls stuck in the washing machine, the machine running without soap; no more cookies too big that he could not dip in his glass of milk too small … Definitely, it was all over; everyone knew it was the fruit of much work.

It was not the end of the teenage years, nevertheless, he was going about to write a new chapter of his life.

Thanks to his mother, he gained a ton of recipes. At least, he will be able to feed himself!

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