Anecdote - Compose On Someone Learning A Skill That Is Not Natural To It.

Compose on someone learning a skill that is not natural to it.



I have always wanted to try pole dance. When I saw girls dancing on bars on the TV, I became determined. I said to myself: “I have to try that!” Girls danced around vertical bars, and performed manoeuvres and acrobatics, I found it so feminine. They also remind me of movies’ girls, dancing in striptease bars. So I went in search of pole dance clubs. I had heard that it was possible to learn pole dance, at home, alone, with the help of videos, however, personally, when I wanted to learn something, I preferred to have a teacher! Learning a skill on your own is not easy, I remember when I wanted to learn to sing, I downloaded a ton of apps on my phone. I first thought that some were very effective, I started my own learning, everything was fine, I was happy, I progressed, until I stumbled upon musical terms that I did not know. Unworkable! So I had to stop continuing my self-course, because, it would have been absurd to persevere. I had read so many articles on professional singers who broke their vocal cords due to excesses, and probably bad training. I did not want to take the risk of being the victim of the same experience, and besides, I have to say that I am the disciplined type of person: I like when things are done right, and I always thought that if formations were created, it was not for nothing. Most people think you can gain any skills by learning by doing, yet I believe that some competencies cannot be gained by oneself, sometimes you needed a person who has the expertise, who masters the field.

I typed on the internet: pole dance lessons. There were apparently many in my area. I chose one that offered packs of 10 lessons at a more than reasonable price. Super! I already pictured myself in super sexy underclothes and high heels, dancing and stripping in front of a boyfriend. On the first day, the instructor began by reassuring us, telling us that pole dancing was not as hard as it might seem, before adding: “at least, at the beginning!” Before coming, at no time I anticipated it could be difficult, I had just envisaged that I was going to be trained! We started the lesson with an exercises program: squats, push-ups, sit-ups and dance moves. I exercised regularly at home, once every other day, but squats, push-ups, and sit-ups were exercises that I avoided for several reasons: I never succeeded to find the right position for my squats, I always felt like I was doing the wrong moves, what always frustrated me during the exercise, push-ups were too physical, the maximum number of push-ups I was able to do so far, in 1 year of practice, must be 30 in a row, and concerning sit-ups, it was just too much! It was not the exercises themselves actually, I had clearly just favoured other exercises, such as abdominals, scissors, extending legs upwards… As the result, my level of fitness was insufficient and I lacked cardio training.

The first part of my first day of learning had therefore been very intensive! The dance part was the one that had required the least effort, and the most delicious. I had loved stirring my body, to the rhythm of stimulating music; then, the trainer performed some figures: -the dance pole was chrome, going from floor to ceiling. Impressive! – Back Arch, consisting in a steady hand to the bar, and bend the back halfway back, with one knee raised. The adventure began! You had the feeling it was easy, but casually, it was very technical, and it demanded grace to gain something that looked like pole dance; I repeated the movement 5 or 6 times to achieve something perfect; then, a Back Bend, similar, but a little more difficult, as the back was completely curved, knees bent, the body standing on tiptoe, the movement demanded flexibility. I was starting to regret that I had come so sure. I tried one first time: I struggled to position my back, as I was not flexible enough, I attempted a second time: despite my endeavours, I lost my balance with my toes, I gave it my best in a third assay: there, I met with a hassle, because with my head back, I was dizzy; I broke my neck seeking to attain a posture, and while I was convinced to finally hold it, the professor told me that there should be an arch in my back; and me who was certain, without pretension, to have achieved an artistic feat.

First jump, a Back Hook Spin: one hand holding the pole firmly at the top, and the other directly on the chest and the pole; go around the post; have the body well positioned in the opposite direction, then rotate her inside leg forward; then backward to suspend her leg onto the bar at knee level; now turn; lift your outer leg, and bend it at the knee to bring your feet together! Understood! Go around the bar, turn your body to face the opposite direction; so far, elementary. Now, rotate your inner leg forward, then backwards to hang your leg onto the post at your knee, turn: first, I did not have enough strength in my arms to stay suspended in the air, and in addition, my hands were slipping on the bar. -Pole Dance also requires that the body is completely dry, there should be no sweat, otherwise, the body cannot adhere to the bar- I wiped my hands and re-positioned them on the bar for a second shot; comparable to the first one! When the demonstrator executed it, it had looked like a sleight of hand! I started again, this time rushing the figure, just to have at least the pleasure of turning on the bar!

At the end of this first lesson, I had bruises on my hands and legs. After three weeks of fitness and training with a coach, I’d got what it takes to succeed in some acrobatics. What a great feeling! In fact, pole dance involved muscular strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. To be a successful Pole Dance dancer, you must be good on the floor, dance on, and away from the pole to the beat to the music, and be able to perform spins and acrobatics!

Expert dancers had a knack for practising Pole Dance. I had no natural aptitude. I was not looking to become a professional dancer, but to excel in acrobatics studied and get the hang of harder stunts.

People are not happy when things are too easy, you needed to work!

I realized that to be successful in Pole Dance, you did not just have to be sexy!

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