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Selection of smileys with diverse moods

Write down on someone owning a superpower!

‘Happiness‘ Rebeckah had a superpower: ‘happiness’! I do not know how she got it. Was it a gift? The young...

teenage boys

Depict a teenager’s final days home before moving to college.

‘The last moment of a teenager’s life’ Tyler was a 19-year-old boy. He lived in a small town, in spite...

sexy woman pole dancer on a bar of striptease

Compose on someone learning a skill that is not natural to it.

‘Learning’  Learning I have always wanted to try pole dance. When I saw girls dancing on bars on the TV,...

peace messages

Invent subtexts don’t really meaning what they tell.

‘Dialogue of the crazy’  Samantha: I think that death penalty should be abolished.  Oliver: What do you mean? Are you saying...

Statues of a man and a woman without private parts

Tell two characters’ perspectives who blind dating.

‘Magical Evening’   Both had asked themselves why they had accepted to meet someone they had never seen before! Emma...