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The Right to Forgiveness

Laetitia Rebeckah in her article examinesthe Colin Pitchfork affair.

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Virtual Law Firms

The development of virtual law firms Rudi Kesic, Azeem Rashid, and Mev Dzihic founded Lawyer 365, situated in Warwickshire, in...

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Jurisdictions : all the basics you need to know

The English legal system lived quietly once upon a time before annoying people came to disturb them. I have always...

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How to Protect the Honest Contractor

Trant Engineering Limited (TEL) was hired by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to construct a power station at Mount Pleasant...

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The duty of a Physician

The Court of Protection declares itself on both welfare and financial issues for people who cannot make decisions by themselves...

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8 Inspirational Quotes About the Female Genital Mutilation

In her blog post, Laetitia Rebeckah explores the situation of the Female Genital Mutilation before and during COVID-19. She also examines the action plans to solve this issue and gives her point of view on the matter.

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The courage of Aung San Suu Kyi

Laetitia Rebeckah in her feature article explores Aung San Suu Kyi's history. From her sacrifice to support the Burmese in their fight against the country's dictatorship, the abandonment of her husband and two baby children, the Rohingya scandal and her so-called indifference towards them, the withdrawal of her accolades. How this extraordinary woman was unfairly smeared and accused of the worst. She calls for her release and to have her Nobel Prizes returned to her.