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Stereotypes and unconscious racial prejudices

This piece is an essay contest on the theme Stereotypes and unconscious racial prejudices. ‘Stereotypes and Unconscious Racial Bias: Shopping Exhibits for Parties, Witnesses, Aspiring Lawyers. How should the law and the profession respond?

How to choose the law firm where to make your training contract?

A Competition essay with the subject, ‘How as a law student you choose your law firm to apply to training contracts?’

Premeditated assassinations of small children

Laetitia Rebeckah in her article examines The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill 2021. The act does not protect minors from issues of police violence that extend to the killing of children. Despite previous incidents of death in prison. By ignoring the problems present in the prison environment, the UK government premeditates the death of young children.

10 Pink Wines You Should drinking To

Laetitia Rebeckah explores in her article 10 pink wines that you should taste.

Who was responsible for the safety of Shamima Begum?

This article explores the Shamima Begum case following the rejection of her appeal regarding her return to the UK. England also acts above laws by sticking to its decision. Shamima Begum should also have been able to benefit from the rights of the child.

Crown Courts Sentences Televised

Laetitia Rebeckah explores in her article the British criminal cases now allowed to be broadcast on television through the Crown Court (Recording and Broadcasting) Order 2020.

The Right to Forgiveness

Laetitia Rebeckah in her article examines the Colin Pitchfork case. Colin Pitchfork was jailed for 33 years for the rape and murder of two teenage girls. While paroled in September 2021, Pitchfork violated the conditions of his licence and was returned to prison two months later. It appears that an important element is overlooked in this story: Colin Pitchfork is psychologically ill. Laetitia Rebeckah retraces his journey, and calls for support so that he does not return to prison and that he is seriously taken care of.

Virtual Law Firms

The development of virtual law firms Rudi Kesic, Azeem Rashid, and Mev Dzihic founded Lawyer 365, situated in Warwickshire, in…

Jurisdictions : all the basics you need to know

The English legal system lived quietly once upon a time before annoying people came to disturb them. I have always…

How to Protect the Honest Contractor

Trant Engineering Limited (TEL) was hired by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to construct a power station at Mount Pleasant…