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About At the Home of Laets

Laetitia Rebeckah

Welcome to At the Home of Laets. Created in 2021 by Laetitia Rebeckah, At the Home of Laets has come a long route since its birth in France.

Laetitia Rebeckah was born and grew up in France, before living in England. She studied Law, Literature, English, and more creative writing.

Laetitia has been passionate about reading since a very young age; she loved the classics of Daudet and of the Countess of Segur, then older, cherished de Musset, la Bruyère, Plath, and so on!

Her passion for writing pushed her to develop it into a masterpiece emporium. She authors articles in subject matter varying from politics to lifestyle; she puts language down on paper, to accuse, denounce, and cause thoughts to become better; and she is specialized in short stories, but she designs to flourish her craving. Her first fiction, “Torrides Ébats”, was publicized by a French publishing house in 2014.

Laetitia holds tolerance, kindness, and optimism to be most important to her. When she is not writing, she takes pleasure in drafting; she also adores exercising, cooking, she is fond of fashion, revels in singing, and appreciates many further occupations.

Here is a woman with great respect for the humanities and belles-lettres that ‘narrate a story and advocate the wealth of one of our most valuable and magnificent resources, the language.

You’ll adventure laughs, excitement, joy, enthusiasm, and become emotionally attached to the characters she has produced. You can be assured of one feature: a story that is worthy to be discovered!

According to her, reading allows us to escape; to be moved, and to experience all kinds of feelings! She writes for the love of this art and wants to share it.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy offering them to you. All my publications are available online. The books are available in print, made with eco-friendly paper.

If you would like a more personalized service or a signed copy, have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

“The short stories have over the novels in large proportions this immense advantage that its brevity adds to the intensity of the effect. This reading leaves in the mind a much more powerful memory …”

Edgar Poe


Laetitia Rebeckah, Founder. 

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